Blogging, is it that useful?

Blogging, is it that useful?

  • What is a Blog?

    Before we get into the main core of the subject, it’s important to establish what a blog is, exactly.

    The thing is, what you believe a blog to be and what it is might not be the same, so it’s important that we establish right from the start exactly what we mean when we say “blog”.  First the name. The word “blog” is a truncated form of the word “weblog”. In other words, a log/diary/journal on the web.

    Why a Blog?

    A blog can be an extremely powerful and, indeed, profitable tool when used correctly. It’s also one of the easiest ways to get yourself established online, even if you have no experience at all.  One particular way in which a blog can be useful is how it can serve as a kind of ‘central hub’ to all you do online.  In other words, everything else that you do online links to and links from your blog. Things such as:

    • Content.
    • Mailing list.

    Social media.

  • Testimonials.
  • Products.
  • Services.

What this means is, instead of having just one piece of content at a given moment and trying to do something with it, with a blog you can get that content in front of a vast number of people in several ways.  Not only that, but each piece of content you put out there can direct people back to your blog which, in turn, can end up with them checking out more of your stuff.

Additionally, all this interconnectivity and interaction look good to the search engines.

“Content is King”. Or is it..?

You may have heard the phrase, “Content is king.” What this means is, that content is where the money is.

Basically.  But here’s the thing:

The content might well be king, but a king is a very lonely person if absolutely no-one knows that he exists.  So, if you’re thinking that you’re going to start a blog, stick up a few articles and then sit back and wait for the money to roll in, think again.

Ain’t gonna happen, my friend.

If you want your content to do its job, you’re going to have to do some groundwork  You’re going to have to remain active and make sure that your prize veggies are growing healthy.  It’s just the same with your blogging. You’re going to have to put the work in to ensure that your content is on the healthy ground and then you’re going to have to maintain things to ensure that everything stays healthy and has steady growth.

This is where many a wannabe blogger gets it all topsy-turvy.

Sure, their blog looks nice and dandy. It functions well, they have their e-mail list integrated, their social media channels on their page, lots of great posts.

But nothing is happening.

What little traffic they might be seeing is doing absolutely nothing.



I’ll say it again – you can’t expect to simply put up content and have the money start to roll in. Well, you can expect it, but you might be waiting for quite some time…
Stay Tuned!